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Chaos Engine

Manatark started as a solo project by front man Draconic. In a few years Manatark had grown into a full-time band. This so-called “Blackened Extreme Metal” band has toured a lot in nearby metal scenes in their early years. With their first demo in 1998 “Roosteitk” Manatark showed the metal scene who their true face. In the year 2000 Manatark released their very first full-length entitled “Viimanegi Veri”. After another stint of touring across Europe in 2001/2002 they came back in 2003 with their latest release “Chaos engine”.

Right off the bat I can tell you that“Chaos Engine” has a good sound quality, even though I can’t say it is top notch….still it’s acceptable. This release starts off with a pretty cool intro followed by seven heavy as hell songs.

Technically these guys certainly know what they’re doing. I especially like the tight way of playing in some of the songs and the add couple of great sound effects on this shiny disc. Ofcourse one of my favorite instruments in black metal, the synthesizer, produces some great tunes. It’s pretty weird since I’m a drummer myself and I should like the great blast beats en the freakiest drum riffs of the drummer Suss. But frankly the instrument that I interested me first in black metal is the synthesizer.

Even though the keyboard sounds great on the record, I found it a shame that there aren’t so many keyboard parts in the songs. Except on the track entitled “Crystal” which features almost three minutes of pure synthesizer work. Unfortunately this all sounds too empty.

Besides that little downside, these guys did a great job and this release isn’t that bad at all. It’s a great must have for al who like black metal it most.

I hope we can hear more of Manatark in the future. Personally I don’t think this band is quite done with the metalscene just yet. There’s more and even better stuff to come out these minds for sure.


Author: P-Man
Zine: Roar E-Zine

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