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Chaos Engine

Hmmmm… Not what I was looking for when I pressed play, but not bad. Manatark play mid-paced black metal with heavy folk influences on the riffs and pacing, and with harsh vocals all the time. No contrast at all, just a mid-range growl/shriek for every song, which gets a bit repetitive as vocalist Draconic doesn't have a great deal of emotion in his screams. On the other hand, the riffs are quite interesting, and I can see people who really like folky black metal getting into this. "Four Walls", for example, is a genuinely good song, and uses tempo changes to great effect, instead of trying to full-blast it all the way through like most of the songs do.

However, I would have liked to see a few folk instruments or at least some epic riffs to dig into, and although the fast paced songs (most of them) are pretty good, there is nothing here that Windir and Emperor don't do far better. Overall, this is an interesting band, but this disc lacks enough of a spark to distinguish them from the crowd. With time, practise, and most importantly, a more focused direction, we could see something really good from these guys. Time will tell.


Author: Anthony R Brock
Zine: Metal Crypt

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