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The Lynch-Lawyers' Death Squad

It’s rare that I’m impressed by Estonian metal, especially unsigned Estonian metal, as it’s normally archaic NSBM that has little originality or meaning. My feelings changed when I got this fully produced and nicely packaged demo, even more so considering the terrible band name. Until I played it. Holy fuckcicles of brutality!!!!!

Down tuned beyond belief, pummeling mildly cybernetic laced death metal, with more crunch than an oven boiled syphilitic scab. This lot should appeal to fans of In-Quest and Scarve, as they deliver a thick, groove based sound that outdoes many signed bands' sound, and their song writing is solid enough to garner attention from any fan of death metal. Fairly mid paced, but oozing with menace, apocalyptic synths and rumbling riffs, Horricane lumber with the ominous pace of a futuristic war tank, crushing bones under its tracks. The slower riffage is slightly reminiscent of Morbid Angel at their slugdiest, (“God of Emptiness”, “Where the Slime Live”) but with a futuristic sheen and littered with various degrees of synthetic sampling. When chugging along at “speed” you could use the usual Eastern European influences (Vader, Behemoth, etc) but again their cybernetic visage and crushing tone gives them far more character than a mere Vader clone.

The Esoterically named band members, are apparently well known in the Estonian metal scene, and go under the usual cybernetic acronyms (ERX, PCHN, ANZ, VX, DZDZ, MDX), but no matter, as their music speaks volumes, as the 5 track provide as much entertainment as many more recognizable cybermetal acts (Skymning for example). From the vast lurch of opener “Coup De Grace” to the utterly massive grooves of closer “Nitro Boost Turmoil”, Horricane are mercilessly heavy and surprisingly eligible, going for weight rather than sheer speed. The synths are not overwhelming, and add just enough robotic menace to the proceedings to truly make Horricane somewhat of a unique sounding band. If the closing moments of "Demon State" doesn't rattle your filings, your stereo sucks.

A very impressive demo from a possible gem in Eastern European metal, now all they need is a decent record deal. Maybe a name change would get them more interest-just a thought. Anyone?

Author: Erik Thomas

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