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Must Missa
Goat Of Sin

"Goat of sin"

6 Tracks 23 Mins

1. Goat of sin
2. You filthy pig
3. Konge tuhaks
4. Varjuta
5. Pure hate
6. Heavy metal b*stard

I was expecting in your face, very unsubtle black metal from Must Missa judging by the artwork, pictures and artwork and wasn't too far wrong as title track 'Goat of sin' is most definitely a tribute to old school Black Metal with plenty of Celtic Frost and Venom style rawness and more than a severe slab of Darkthrone influence in guitars and vocal delivery.

'You filthy pig' is more thrashy and has harsher vocals too to mix things up well, and some decent riffs are on show.

Production isn't too bad, sounds like a live recording but you can definitely hear everything and tightness improves as the CD progresses. By 'Konge tuhaks', this Estonian 5 piece have thoroughly warmed up and really start to bang some heads, with more influence being taken from 'De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas' by Mayhem. 'Varjuta' has moments that would fit well on 'Under a Funeral Moon' by Darkthrone and 'Pure hate' could be a latter day Gorgoroth, from 'Destroyer' or 'Incipit Satan'. Some good black thrash going on and the vocals are at their sickening best. 'Heavy metal b*stard' takes us back to the old school again and even reminds of Pantera's 'The Art of Shredding' in some of the riffs.

Once a little tighter, Must Missa could definitely make a name for themselves as there are some good ideas, and a top sound once they really warm up.

Paul Raw Nerve

Author: Paul Raw Nerve
Zine: Raw Nerve Zine

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