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Igaveseks Mälestama Mõistetud (split with Kalm)

I actually got my hands on this album by a chance. It was at a Nightwish concert. I was browsing the record stand with no real intention of buying anything. At least so I thought until I noticed this particular CD. I thought the cover pic was really neat, and since a comrade of mine recommended it and said it was a really good album, I bought it. Don't really know why. I slipped it in my jacket's pocket and went off to enjoy the concert. So next day I woke up and saw the album laying on the table. "What the hell," I thought and put it on. I thought I'd go and make myself a cup of coffee but couldn't leave the room. The second I heard the catchy keyboards introducing the first song I was petrified. It was a sad, yet a proud melody lasting for about half a minute before the guitars kicked in and it was with this song, "Üksinduse Kuningas" (King of Loneliness) that I began my expedition through this fantastic album.

Both bands are Estonian black metal veterans but neither of them is unfortunately no longer active. On this split, the tracks "Üksinduse Kuningas", "Olen Teist Tüdinud", "Verineid"and "Ärgates Unenäost" belong to Kalm, the rest is Assamalla's creation. Although there are differences in their songs (for example the bit more melodic Assamalla), the album feels very even. But then again it's no wonder actually, cause the two bands were really close.
Now to the music itself. All I can really say is perfect. I know, 'perfect' is a very strong word and it should not be used lightly. But this is one of the few albums that have had a tremendous impact on me. It has no fillers, every track seems to have a purpose, every track is unique.
There are no moments of boredom, no cause for fatigue. The composition is just excellent, it's clear that both of the bands have exploited their ideas well and with great skill.
Adding to it the good skills of the musicians and vocalists we have finally reached level 2 of this review - the entity, the whole, the atmosphere - whatever you wanna call it. With having said all those downright glorifying compliments I have no option but to state something that is already so painfully obvious to the reader - the atmosphere is simply astonishing. At this point some of you may want say "oh please, for crying out loud, write with less cheese", but hold your breath! One thing that I have learned to value is music that really gets to you. I mean I like stuff that's just plain fun to listen to, but when something has a special feeling then it also possesses a special place in my mind.
That was that. Now, as you all know, atmosphere mainly consists of sound (in case of music.
In case of earth it consists mainly of oxygen), so I'm going to take on the tough assignment of describing the music. As the title "Igaveseks Mälestama Mõistetud" ("Forever Sentenced to Remember") refers, it's a very sad, sort of a dreamy album that doesn't lack in anger. The anger is more like rage, not solely full of hatred, but full of longing too. It is something that has long been kept in chains, suppressed, and is now rising its head, rising slowly, but firmly. Its determination will not crumble and its eyes show no signs of remorse. Whether it's the hissing hordes of "vaikusest Vaevatud (Meie Hing ei Hävi)" ("Possessed by Silence (Our soul will not perish")) or the primordial force of "Verineid (C18u)" ("Bloodmaiden"), it's all just pure power, arising awe and creating shivers down your spine.
It all ends with the song "...Kes Lahkunud Üksteise Südameist" ("...Those Departed from each others Hearts"). Considerably different from the rest, it uses relatively slow pace and an old man's voice to comfort us and leave us with a restful smile and a sense of satisfaction as the two minute long ending solo slowly fades away to sounds of distant thunder.

I have often interpreted 'atmosphere' as something extremely hard to express through words, but it's something that your soul explains to you and makes you feel very vividly. I have had the album for a while now. I have listened to it over and over again and not yet have I dared to try and write a worthy tribute to Assamalla and Kalm, fearing that I may lack competence to speak for my subconscious but I just cannot be silent anymore. This is my request to you, the reader, have trust in me, remember the bands no longer with us, try out this album and experience it firsthand.

Author: Destroyah

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