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Demo 2001

Here is a tasty morsel of slightly underproduced melodic thrashy black metal (no keys?). I have to say this is one of the BEST demo packaging jobs I have seen. It's on a CDr but the label and insert look professionally produced. To start off - there is a woodsy & nature feel to the intro. The 1st track has a melodic twin guitar sound, catchy rough riff, and raspy vox. Some of you might not like the production, but I think it feels good like a 20 grit sandpaper being rubbed again your face which can keep you awake on the long drives home :) The albums thrashy melodies are nice. It's raw thrashy black metal appeal does nice for you black metal fans who need a little raw taste now and then. Song 2: Igaveseks koos - wow .. I didn't know this cdr was already on CDDB! Nice intro.. More thrashy bm. I don't know about you .. I love evil foreign lyrics and thrashy black metal (well from time to time I do..). I think this is the cream of the crop for this underground genre. If I listened to this in my truck, I'd be driving 80+ and driving over people.. Hehe!! So the rest of the demo is like the other tracks.. (Igaviku Iaps has some cool reverb on the vox). But wait! The last song is great.. It's like gothicy eerie techno ambience with evil laughs. Very cool indeed! All hail Bestia!

Zine: Oak Knoll Productions

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