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Demo 2001


Soon there is no place on Earth where Heavy Metal hasn't taken its foothold. Some places are just more fertile. From the southern banks of the Gulf of Finland, from the beautiful capital of Estonia, we hear its screams. This is Bestia, and as their name says, their music is bestial.

Here we hear sick and shrill screams and traditional guitar, that with no difficulty has found it's place beside aggressive and fast rhythms. Harmony has been found between melody and benightedness. Aggressive beat meets with melody. This is aggressive (old school) Black Metal with elements from Death Metal. Comparison with older Absu is not out of place.

Songs on album "Demo 2001" are without exception in Estonian and they do sound damn good. Those who think about Estonia as a Soviet Union country and therefore about Russian language, are wrong. So are wrong those who think it's a dialect of Finnish, though they are closer to the truth. As Hungarian, Karelian and Finnish, Estonian belongs to the group of Finno-Ugric languages.

This album begins with a song about wind and other sounds of nature. This is before they go right down to business with the song "Viirastus tõusvas tules". Guitar and singing here do remind strongly (more recent) Exorial. After the song "Igaveseks koos" comes the highlight of this album. The ingenious and passionate "Läbi halli udu" (only devil himself knows what this is supposed to mean) creates a benighted and enchanting atmosphere. Fast, passionate, sick, rhythmical and gloomy are the words to describe it. With a song "Igaviku laps" the album comes to its dignifying end.

The quality of songs wavers. Remarkable--but not so good electro/darkwave/industrial experiment (which does not become this album) with "Esoteric Madness" is not convincing throughout and drags the general impression down. Usually this would be the cause for losing points, but the phenomenal "Läbi halli udu", the original use of Estonian and high quality cover art raises them again. This convincing and passionate demo album gets (after a little hesitation) 8.5 points.

Zine: Metalglory

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