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Celestial Crown
The Embraced

This album could have been very much better as can be dissapointing in some ways.
The musical ideas that are brought up in the album are very good, but are not carried out as they should be. Male vocals are harsh, but not elaborated, as if they lacked importance or if they had haste in finishing the recording. That's the sense that I get from the hearing. Effects used aren't the adequate either. Nevertheless, the intention is good.
Female vocals are good, avery sweet and operatic tunes are very well carried out. However, repetition is the done thing and can be a little boring, but are not bad.
Guitars are nice and sharp at times, but some riffs can be too weary, although on the whole are acceptable and well performed.
Bass line isn't very audible and looks as if it had lost it's importance. Should have been given more volume. Bass guitar can be much more than a mere rythym mark for the band, and can give many melodies, which have not been used in this album.
Drumming isn't bad, but there again you feel as if there could have been more effort on the composition.
Not a bad album if you like this kind of stlye, but if you don't like weary gothic melodramatic music it's not for you.


Author: Jasoline
Zine: Encyclopaedia Metallum

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