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Realm of Carnivora
Verised Relvad - Bloody Weapons

Hails to Ketzer Records, who have managed to unearth the most wicked Black Metal bands on Earth. This time, it's Realm of Carnivora, and it's unfathomable in its Black Metal madness. In a world filled with slutty whores with breast implants who don't even write the lyrics or music to the songs they sing, and then proceed to sell tens of millions of albums, Black Metal is the one Unholy light shining. "Verised Relvad" brings to us Thonolan, and within him burns the fire to cleanse the planet. . .Cleanse it of the curse that is x-ianity, and in its place to install a new deity: Satan!

Based in traditional Black Metal and infusing elements of Thrash, this record stands as a New testament to erasing x-ist from the Earth. Few blast beats abound on this platter, but the point isn't speed, but laying a foundation on which to build blasphemy and profane everything x-ian. The true goal here seems to be the eradication of the church on Earth, and "Raise the Sword and Hail the Horned" gleams with the band's fury and hatred (translated): "Horde of Darkness, eyes of malice, burning with a bright flame!!!. . .Come my children, gather around the fire, which he gave us." My personal favorite on the album, though, is "Peata Inimene ei Karju", translated as "Decapitated Don't Scream". With blazing blast beats and driving, chainsaw riffs, the song is palpably violent and evil, and each time the main riff returns it builds within me a desire to rape and murder followers of the false deity. . .seriously.

Final Impressions: At times very slow, this album seems to almost drip with an evil energy, and it's wonderful. Blast beats are here, and razor-sharp guitars, but this is no Marduk. Neither amazingly fast, nor ploddingly slow, the record teeters between Black and Thrash Metal, blending both elements together like poisoned wine to be administered as the last supper to all followers of x-ist. The true beauty of "Verised Relvad" is the way it honors the old Black Metal innovators like Count Grishnakh. A special treat, included as a "bonus" track, is a song penned by Thonolan in 1996 and is likely the first song ever written by Realm of Carnivora. Ketzer Records just can't seem to miss with anything, and "Verised Relvad" is no exception.

Author: IJM
Zine: From Below

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