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BESTIA was founded in '00 at Tallinn, capital city of Estonia. By now these men have seen changes within line-ups, played numerous gigs, appeared on several compilation albums and released material of their own. The music itself can be described as a mixture of melodic metal styles and with some experimental feeling. It therefore doesn't come as a big surprise that BESTIA' main goal is to put as many different themes into the songs as possible. Lyrical themes also come from every corner, but more recent tracks are strongly influenced by Nordic folklore and mythology. All of them are written and performed in pure Estonian language though. This "Hallutsinatsioon" is the band' first full-length. This CD is scattered throughout the earth some months ago in search for labels/distro's to supervise, manage and/or aid them in their quest.

As said, the music from BESTIA definitely cannot be considered to be put in one certain genre. Foremost are the black, death and thrash metal styles that penetrate "Hallutsinatsioon". Though the keyboard factor is present, the instrument itself doesn't show its face that much nor overdubs the entire sphere. No, the majority of the melody - whether it's injected in the scalar of metal parts - come from clean guitar licks. The only thing that's constant on the album is the chanting, which does remind the listener to what P. Tägtren used to summon on his ABYSS project. When looking at the production, it becomes clear rawness is captured and is quite similar to those harsh underground Estonian bands. Especially the vocals and guitars are nicely recorded. Very melodic black metal is at hand on title-track 'Hallutsinatsioon'. A more Scandinavian death metal approach is on ''Libahunt'. 'Sosin' has a definite charisma of THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL' older work. The track 'Toonela Varjud' resembles to ODIUM' "Sad Realm Of The Stars", but then turns into a thrash frenzy like it's being done on both 'Kolmas Haud Vasakult' and 'Päev Et Möista'. These comparisons are given just for an impression of the wide variation of song structure. The outro of 'Asynchronous Laughter' is ridiculous. Okay, the band claims to put as many different themes into the songs as possible, but they do sound too progressive with this break-beat disco vibe.

Putting whole ranges of metal styles on an album doesn't immediately mean it's that great or something new to listen to and that's exactly what this "Hallutsinatsioon" is all about. It just isn't all that, but the musicians are skilled to deliver better aggressive metal in the future. The sound is divers and at certain times abysmal for its melancholic riffs and leads. To conclude, BESTIA has potential to arise from the Estonian empire. If you're became interested during this review, the CD costs € 8,- / $ 8,- worldwide including postage. By the way, the band needs a drummer.

Zine: Vampire Magazine

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