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Urt is probably one of the most popular bands in the Estonian Black Metal scene. Maybe not so famous and original like Loits, not so appealing and appreciated for easy-to-digest content like Metsatöll, but certainly known to anyone interested in underground music of this country. I’ll review the first album of this band, released a year after the crew was formed.

Strangely the band’s music (at least what they played on their debut album) reminds me more of Latvian Black Metal instead of characteristic Estonian style of flavor, inseparable from the canon of the mentioned Loits, Tharapita or Bestia. This work is much more influenced by Skyforger. Although this album strives to be independent, it couldn’t isolate itself from the style of the first creative stage of the aforementioned Latvian horde. However it is not that bad after all. The music pulsates with vital energy, it can’t be mistaken for Skyforger - the difference is felt both in language and environment. Even more importantly the tracks are full of interesting consonances, depth and changes of mood. With respect to the fact that this is the band’s debut album, the quality of compositions is worth praise. There’s no song that is boring or has no flame, aggression or some emotion in it.

On the other hand the problem (probably coming from the fact that this is a very vivacious and diverse work) with the album is that I couldn’t call any of the songs memorable. The changes, the ability to draw into the music, like everything else has their own downsides. Usually after listening this leaves nothing in mind - you can remember some impressions, but it will still be so vague and blurred that you’ll have to admit that you can’t remember how this album sounded, it was simply not bad. Similar metamorphoses often happen to totally unoriginal bands, though calling Urt totally unoriginal would be too much - though they didn’t reinvent the genre, but in the musical sense they didn’t stay as gray mass for there is a rather distinctive musical character in the manner of performance.

All in all the debut of Urt is quite good and I suggest anyone who doesn’t know this band to begin with this particular work - it is worth both the time and searches. It’s not a masterpiece or a flawless album, yet it is worth a try feeling its energy. [7; Bloodie]

Author: Bloodie
Zine: Forgotten Path

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