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Ussikuningas - Saatanhark II

Since the middle of the 90s Estonia had a really strong Pagan Black Metal scene. Of course I think that in Lithuania it was even stronger. However even the memory of bands such as Tharaphita, Kalm, Manatark or Loits sends shivers down my spine. Urt could be the successors of these old traditions by musically combining pagan values and Black Metal.

Probably instinctively I want to compare this third album of the Estonians with the music of Loits, a band that has achieved probably the most with this style in Estonia. Urt is aggressive, straight-forward Black Metal, which allows you to feel the true wildness of nature. Moreover the music is full of epic rhythms, melodies and semi-choral singing. Some features of Death Metal are also present. But I did not really enjoy the general sound of the music. For example, the guitar riffs are not distinctive, though some parts could be complimented.

“Saatanhark II - Ussikuningas” sounds like a well done CD, but it lacks something that could trigger euphoria. It is pleasant to listen to, yet it does not leave a long-lasting feeling of admiration. Single tracks, melodies or fragments sound as the best Pagan Black Metal, but in general I would like to hear a more solid and balanced album. [7; Odium]

Author: Odium
Zine: Forgotten Path

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