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Kümme surmatalve

If I recall correctly this is the first DVD to be reviewed in our magazine. Although Estonian band Bestia has been active for more than a decade, it could be classed together with bands of the younger generation that propagate Metal with pagan ideas. Of course, it’s not like bands Tharaphita, Manatark or Loits, but still quite well-known in Lithuania and they have had concerts here more than once. So the video edition of two parts is released to mark the band’s 10 years of activity.
First of all, it should be known that this is not some professional DVD, filmed with 20 cameras from different perspectives. It is rather a work reflecting the underground spirit, intended for the fans and not created as a representation of Bestia. The disc is compiled of two parts: in one there are performances of quite high quality in Tartu and Tallinn; on the other - old recordings of concerts from the beginning of their activity. The latter, at least for me, has a certain historic value, which brings nostalgia and so on.
This quintet has been stuck in my mind as a Death/Black Metal band, but if we watch “Kümme Surmatalve” more closely, a fair Pagan Black Metal show opens before our eyes. In the first part of the edition a decent quality of recording helps the band - all instruments are audible and thus the music gains more value. In some places the tracks are too clichéd and boring, but the advantage is quite intense with catching sound. In all video shots you can see that the concerts did not have much of an audience, but nevertheless the band felt confident on stage. Unfortunately, judging by the fierce corpse-paint, other attributes of Black Metal and the band’s behaviour on stage, it seems that the music is more angry than the musicians themselves are...
Sometimes shots from concerts dub with snowy forest landscapes. Again, this is a traditional video mix of a Black Metal band. Performances in minor festivals, which remind of school-time concerts with a stage for hardly four people; crowded parties in small clubs with lots of sweat, playing errors and so on. All this puts a particular smile on my face, but on the other hand it is also nostalgic, and reminds me of the first concerts I attended. As for the band, these are recorded historic shots.
“Kümme Surmatalve” does not claim to be on lists of the most excellent, the most graphic or of the best DVD editions. Still, it is a perfect gift for the fans and members of the band that just celebrated am anniversary of 10 years. All the more because this DVD reveals the real face of Bestia and is seasoned with until now unseen (at least for me) video material. [6,5/10; Odium]

Author: Odium
Zine: Forgotten Path

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