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Ebu Gogo Gutting the Child

From time to time, the metal scene is simply scattered by an innovative band, that breaks all the existent rules. It happened often in the past, Celtic Frost, Venom or Therion being a very good example. Unfortunately, being the very first ones to experiment something is a risk - the audience or the critics may not understand your ideas and you'll be smashed away, fading into oblivion. How many of you remeber Angel Witch, Possessed or Sarcofago? Pretty sure you all know better Iron Maiden, Death or Sepultura, don't you?:)
Anyway, let's get back to our business. Right from the start - the name of the band and cover art, I imagined that Neoandertals is dealing with some grindcore or brutal slamming death metal stuff. Well, they did, but in their own particular odd way!
First of all, there is no guitars to be found here!!! No, my brothers, the band consists only of two members: Rain Pohlak (bass and vocals) and Sandra Vungi (drums). Still, they fucking fill the sound, giving brutality in a new unimagined shape. The bass score is amazing, Rain proving his exceptional skill, slamming all the devils from his chords!
On the other hand, Sandra is simply stellar, hitting the drums in many various and unexpected ways.
Vocals are consisting most of low "urrggghhh" grunts, typical to grindcore, but they're such perfect here, creating a really stone age atmosphere. The music is often very jazzy, with odd time signatures and dissonant chords, but still brutal as fuck and mind-blowing. The band improvises a lot and you'll not find many usual musical structures here. This can be regarded as a true soundtrack of the ancient stone age, where first men fought for survival, in a world full of chaos and uncertainity.
This is not an easy to digest record, not even for open-minded listeners like me. But once you get used with this strange approach of brutal genre, you'll find a great new sonic universe.
This album is a landmark in a genre that's very limited and strict by its very own definition. Probably the band won't recieve the recognition they deserve, but I'm pretty sure that, after many years, this album will be regarded as a classic album and cited as major influence for many future bands.
Be part of the history and listen to the Neoandertal's "music"!
Favorite songs: Survival Beyond Death, Unburying The Carrion, Entobment
Rating: 10

Author: Ciprian Faur
Zine: Metal Believe

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