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Ebu Gogo Gutting the Child

Neoandertals are one of the interesting and most innovative bands in the brutal death metal scene right now. That alone should tell you they are undoubtedly a band that completely polarizes people into the "Just fucking noise - 3%" category and the "Transcending brutal death metal - 97%" category. They're more than just a band with no guitarist. They're more than just a band with a chick on drums. They're more than just a band with an unique lyrical theme. They're even more than just crazy vegans living in some self-built shack in Estonia. The music is genuinely provoking through it's own being.

Whether it was there intent or not, Neoandertals abstract brutal death metal to such a distant place that it should only vaguely be looked at as death metal, and potentially more as avant-guarde art (oh how pretentious you cry! I'll move on...) If I was to give this album to an anthropologist and say some obscure African tribe made "Ebu Gogo" with bongo drums and large bambo sticks they would probably analyze it for months and eventually rave about new forms of communication and culture. But, you know, it's made by two white metalheads (degenerates in the popular sphere) so who in the real world gives a flying fuck.

Now apart from the polarizing factor of the band, a factor in giving this album such a high score comes from the fact that I've enjoyed it as much as I did "Neanderthals Were Master Butchers". It is basically an improvement on the same formula - tighter, just as sick, but with even less death metal influence this time around as the bass feels even less... bassy. Let's run over the music. 

Semi-randomized battery? Check, the drums are fully competent and get extra marks for being, at times rather strange. Strange? This band seems to be out to define a new way to use the word. Percussive bass attack? Check. I use that phrase because the bass lines here walk the line between a melodic instrument and a percussive one. Harmonics and higher frequency bass lines/slaps intersperse the songs which break up lengthy, indecipherable, probably super technical (can you really tell?) bass sections. Bringing things back to the realm of "normal music" for a minute, one of Neoandertals strong points is that the band includes several stark moments of dynamics to break up the tracks before launching into more of the same. I can only liken it to listening to a 20 minute droning Sunn 0))) track which at some horrendous point midway through introduces a new riff and, in a riff depraved pyschosis, it shatters your fragile mind.

Rain's inhumanly low gurgling is the last piece of the absurd puzzle that makes up this band and can do nothing but bring up visions of a mentally childish, brute-like ape creature weilding only violence and burial mysticism to weave his odd tale of carnal destruction. There's little variation on the "urghh, urghh, eerughh, uutth, urrgh" theme and why should there be. Lyrically I've never been a fan of sexual gore focused lyrics and while it is done with intelligence here, it's probably the only element "Ebu Gogo" I'm not a fan of - especially considering how perfect the lyrics to "Master Butchers" fit the music. No big deal, a 3% chip off perfect.

"Ebu Gogo Gutting The Child" is brutal death metal that has left the realms of sanity and sailed into a bizzare world inhabited by an african tribe, Captain Beefheart and a jazz bassist possessed with the collective ghost of Devourment. It's not for the weak of heart. It's probably not even for the "brutal" of heart. Hell, it's probably (as a Machine Head fan would no doubt tell you) "just noise". 97%

Author: Confessor

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