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Pick a brutal death metal band, any brutal death metal band, and one is more than likely to get something very similar to Nihilistikrypt. Deeds Of Flesh, Severe Torture, Fleshgod Apocalypse... all these names should come to mind when hearing the fury that is 'Pyskhosis.' At first, after hearing "The Rapist," listeners may think that the group is going to create a horror atmosphere with their music through the sample of the woman screaming, but that is the only time it happens on the album. The rest of the tracks are just unabashful, furious pieces of death metal with some bits of technical work thrown in, but not much. The growls are crafted perfectly and clearly with the right tones- they really shine on a track like "Hydrogenic Mutants" when the music isn't so much 'in the face.' Other tracks like "Sane Insanity" are much heavier, and the massive wall of drumming and guitars just bleating away tend to steal away the vocal clarity so it tends to sound more roughly produced than it really is.

The technical bits shine through on the guitars when it comes to tracks like "Fleshmaker" in the way the guitars churn back and forth with sharp pauses and backing melodies that aren't clear, but if one listens hard enough they can hear them in the wall of sound. "Mental Breakdown" tries to merge the two together in an even split, and surprisingly pulls it off quite well. Listeners should find the music here engaging and musically impressive rather than making it seem like the band did a few jam sessions, hammered out senseless chords and drum beats and layered it on the vocals and decided to create an album. It's a murky, bloody pool of death metal music here, but if one dives in deep enough the sound is actually quite appreciated. This is meant for fans of the crushing kind of death metal; don't expect any merciful melodies or clean vocals to try and sing some sense into the music.


Author: devilmetal747
Zine: Brutalism

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