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Ronkade parved

Bestia’s Ronkade Parved makes their Hallutsinatsioon album sound like crap. One of the biggest thing Ronkade Parved has going for it is its excellent, tempered recording, which allows the music to breathe its sinister vibe in a comfortable way. The low end in particular sits especially well, the mid range and high end never gets tiresome, and overall this is one of the most palatable recordings heard in black metal.

The music is good, too. Bestia hangs around mostly in mid-paced, groovy territory, and their music conveys know how and conviction. Bestia’s sound comes across as greatly balanced and grounded, not only because of the night-and-day production difference, but because of the more solid drummer they hired for this album.

There are lots and lots of memorable milestones along the album’s journey, not least by the implementation of guest musicians on uncommon instruments such as violin, flute (which solidifies comparisons to Skyforger), and the unlikely saxophone, which in particular ramps up the creepiness. Whenever these parts show up, it’s always to the album’s benefit, endowing it with wonderful twists and turns that seem right at home despite coming out of left field.

Ronkade Parved would have rated higher if more of these type of elements had been present throughout. They tend to be confined to the first few songs. Not that the rest of the tracks are lame — they maintain the fine groove, solid riff writing, and excellent multi-vocaled amalgamation (and of course, the great sound quality) — but they are tame, kind of bare bones, in comparison.

Finally, the hidden track, which reminds of the stomping, marching intro to Skyforger’s Latvian Riflemen, finishes off the album with a fun, energetic variance on the enthusiasm with which the rest of the album was made. With Ronkade Parved, Bestia has become a quality band worth taking note of. (7.5/10)

Author: Roberto Martinelli
Zine: Maelstrom

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