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Promo 2004

The first impression I got after receiving 'Promo 2004' by Loits was not a positive one. Their logo consists of three elements. The central element is the Algiz, a rune sign that stands for defence and protection. Prominently placed over this sign is a rather dubious cross. It looks a lot like the sign of the African Resistance Movement. On the site where I gathered this information (Lonsdale) I again meet with the Algiz. This time it is associated with a right-extremist movement called Voorpost (Outpost), which originates from Holland and Belgium. By the way, the site of Lonsdale is really very fascinating. The last element is a kind of gothic tribal sign that is more or less mirrored beside the Algiz. I do not know the meaning of this.

It is clear that my first impression was correct: this is a band with neo-fascist influences, as can be concluded from the first paragraph. I have diligently searched for enough proof before coming to my conclusion. On the site of the band I did not find a lot of frightening stuff. The lyrics do not refer to right-extremist ideals. They are so vague that one has absolutely no clue what they are about.
The band characterises its music as nationalist, romantic black metal. In their lyrics they uphold the memory of the great soldier's spirit and the Balto-Scandinavian mythology. Loits calls unto all legionnaires to prepare for battle. Loits is all what Judaeo-Christian democracy is not. Loits is Estonian national pride.

Loits is as politically wrong as can be! Every expression, which I think might be dangerous, is in fact dangerous. When I type "Legion Estland" (do not forget the double quotes) in my search engine including 'world war'... Well, just try for yourself. Or else "Iron Youth" plus 'Estonia'...

I live in a society where we pretend to uphold the freedom of speech. I find it very surprising that it is legally forbidden to sell copies of Hitler's 'Mein Kampf'. When the ayatollah declares a fatwa over Salman Rushdie because of his book 'The Devil's Verses', the whole literary and political society is up on the barricades to defend the freedom of speech, but a ridiculous book like 'Mein Kampf' is still forbidden. This way, too much value is given to Hitler's work, which enables it to get some kind of mythical power, which I am pretty sure it does not have. To install censorship is to deny personal responsibility. This way it becomes clear that the government does not think much of its civilians and considers them beings without the ability to think for themselves. I do agree that it sometimes looks this way and that we have to protect the masses against themselves.

After all this it must be clear that I will review this band's promo, which contains the songs of two singles and one mini-EP. The music of Loits comes across as rather tame. It is not very exciting music, it has little ups and downs. On the other hand it does know how to grab one's attention. Their black metal does contain some interesting influences like folk and rock 'n' roll. The vocals are not overtly present, but it is audibly that the lyrics are sung in the mother tongue. This adds to the originality of the music, which I value. All in all it is a decent record which has its own odd way to introduce a relatively new sound.


Rating: 66/100

Author: Carl
Zine: Lords of Metal

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