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The Lynch-Lawyers' Death Squad

Horricane is almost a one-of-a-kind occurrence in Estonian metal scene. Maybe only No Big Silence have attacked their target group with a more thoroughly thought-through strategic plan -- which might as well be devised by the faceless and probably soulless and honourless yuppie specialists depicted on the demo cover. The Horrde know what they want, and it seems they also know how to get it.

No wonder, if you know the members of the band (although Your's Truly was mildly surprised to discover that all of the music was composed by the guitarist Pchn). Who in our local scene doesn't know at least by face these slick and refined terrormongers who for this relase have hidden behind cyber-laconic pseudonyms (Pchn - seven strings, Erx - voice, Anz - seven strings, Vx - five strings, DzDz - keys and Mdx - drums). An even older Big Cheese is Grozmot, whose contribution as a sound engineer has borne a truly menacing world class sound for the first-born of this death squad of lynch-lawyers. The cherry to top it all off is the stylish black and silver envelope with embossed logo, designed by Jihad.

The music of Horricane is death metal with a very distinctive atmosphere, viscid like hot mazut, irrestrainable like a train, gorgeous and horrible like death by heroism in space. It is a pleasure to note that the rage and sincerity familiar from their live gigs has been successfully captured in such an immaculate form. Sober calculation and stern discipline are not enough to bring about such results; one has to have talent and heart as well. The Horricaners have an abundance of both, and after listening to this release it must be obvious even to the most metal-ignorant person around.

The lyrics accompanying such professional fusillades of death metal are witty and to the point, and the scarce grammar mishaps have the effect of a vinegar fly in a compote bowl: if you don’t search for it, you won’t notice or care. Your humble reviewer takes it upon himself to congratulate the whole Estonian alternative rock scene upon a magnificent fresh release and boldly takes an oath: if Horricane won’t be signed to a decent label soon, he will shave his beloved beard!

Author: Dark Patrick
Zine: HRC Online

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