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Burn Still

If you read any other review on this site you know I don’t mind when hardcore is being mixed with metal, but sometimes some bands take this thing too far to the point I wonder if the core factor is still there. This can be implied to some of the songs on this album.

Burn Still are no doubt skilled musicians and got some good ideas when it comes to write songs. Their style can be easily described deathcore – from deep and growling vocals to blast beats, they deliver everything you would expect from such a record. Sometimes music gets straight up death metal but sometimes more melodic riffs show up and sometimes they pull back the tempo to make room for some hardcore stuff. The drumming is pretty impressive and the guy can deliver some pretty fast double bass. And when we’re talking deathcore there is a must for some brutal breakdowns and every song got at least one of them. Each track is compact and there is a surprising amount of variety. They vary styles and tempos, even though it is still brutal and heavy. My favourite song would be Ravenous which is really well constructed and most aggressive one the album. I don’t like the rapping part on Forget Your Dignity – it’s weak and the song simply sound too mediocre and without impact. It’s good that they wanted to do something different but it sounds like Eminem doing vocals for Napalm Death, which is least say weak. Overall, I’m not a big deathcore fan of and bands like this start to sound horribly repetitive to me after few listens. I think that if you don’t get put off by a horrible cover art and don’t mind when hardcore bands goes metal, Burn Still might appeal to you. It’s not really my cup of tea but I surprisingly enjoyed some tracks on this album.

Author: Dloogi
Zine: Old Shcool Hate

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