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Burn Still

Metalcore from Estonia has a premier on our pages with the debut EP from Burn Still, coming all the way in a nice digipack sleeve. Although metalcore seems to be a bit over it’s best times these days, a closer look at this band is recommended.

Although being a new name, their well produced version of hardcore meeting various versions of metal is convincing – although you should not expect any total reinventions on here. Apart from that, Burn Still successfully mix European metalcore with real Death Metal. That alone is already quite a deadly and heavy mixture in this case (while it certainly can go wrong as well), but I would even add the bulldozer-side of bands like Coalesce as another influence to their sound. This results in quite a massive, mean, ugly bastard of metal meets core. The vocals follow all that ugliness, with growling and hoarse, relentless screaming, fitting well to the music all the time. Mosh is another pillar of their sound, and boy, it is executed well and tough. Listen to „the pawn“, with that massive beginning to understand that – or just pick any other track, as most feature this element at least once. Other moments are mid tempo, and they work well, as well as some fast blast parts, both pushing this further towards true deathmetal. The last addition are slowdowns, as sometimes, the music almost comes to a complete halt. Dynamic-wise, this is working very well and hand in hand with the other elements. In many tracks, all these are mixed, taking care of good diversity and dynamics throughout the record. Thus, all in all, the mixture stays dense all the time.

Downsides may be the sometimes too triggered bassdrums that sound almost electronic when going superfast, or the fact that although well done on here, metalcore/deathcore itself is quite or even too popular these days.

However, if you are still not fed up with that genre, this is a good addition to your evergrowing collection, and this time from a rather exotic country when it comes to hardcore. I would even say that these guys could be snapped by a bigger label soon, as they have talent and potential for sure.


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