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Aeon Aethereal
Parasite Halls

The Estonian metal scene has been raising its ugly and mean head strongly for the last couple of years, and some of these metallic monsters have already managed to create quite a big fuss around them (Metsatöll, Manatark, Must Missa, Horricane, etc. - just to name only a few).

Aeon Ethereal, this 5-piece band hailing from Tallinn, Estonia, is another band on the long list of worth checking out Estonian metal bands that made a relatively big impression on me lately (exclusive thanks to Kim for the copy of their CD!). Having been spinning their debut full length album for the last couple of days, titled PARASITE HALLS that they put out on their own last year, I gotta admit the band just possesses a huge amount of talent. These young fellows are gifted musicians indeed, blending elements from death, thrash and black metal like true champions - and making it all to sound like they have done this for years already.

Starting off with "Dementia Praecox", the band sets up nicely sort of a bar for this record, simply sounding catchy and thoroughly well done with its haunting and beautifully thrashy riffs, very dark-flavored black-ish vocal outburst of Ott "Demonica" Kadak - and in fact, there´s nothing there in this song that would not make you to like it. The next couple of songs, “Vanity” and “Disease”, basically follow the same formula, twisting and blending extreme metal genres the best they can – and offering it out for the listeners as a fine and refined package as possible. The album´s title track, “Parasite Halls”, is a slowly growing punisher, until some heavy yet technical guitar riffs take it over, reminding me of kinda Morbid Angel-meets-Psycroptic at times. “Angels” – on the other hand, is a more melodic black metal type of effort while still bordering occasionally thrash metal at places. Good song all in all.

Both “Our New World” and “Endgame” are yet again kinda crossover type of pieces of metal fun (in which black, thrash and death metal genres clash somewhat indelibly indeed), displaying some magnificent solo work, loads of good riffs and ear-nailing melodies, etc. – and on the top of them are again Ott´s harsh black metal shrieks and death grunts that, in fact, are quite similar to Abbath´s, at least for the most part of them.

“Atrophy Sublime”, is almost a 5-minute long acoustic instrumental tune. It´s well crafted and even kinda surprising effort from them due to being so different compared to the rest of the songs on the album - and basically giving listeners a necessary moment for a deep breath until the last track of the album, titled “Testaments of Grandeur”, hits them with its tons of bounding and sharp riffs, full of malignant and oppressive rage.

PARASITE HALLS being just the band´s debut album – yet so positive a surprise all in all, I am just wondering how far they can go in the future because all the needed talent and great musicianship are already there, giving them a true opportunity and the potential to break out from their country. When it will happen, it´s hard to predict of course, so let time tell...


Author: Luxi Lahtinen
Zine: Metal Rules

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