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Burn Still

Estonia is mostly known from it´s folk-metal acts such as Metsätöll. Burn Still, The Tallinn based deathcore power house has been together ever since 2006 and already had the chance to share the stage with numerous international bands such as War From A Harlots Mouth, Soilwork, Raunchy and Have Heart just to name a few. The band´s first EP “Let The Skies Turn Black” which saw the daylight couple of years back contained really promising material and the band immediately become one of my favourite European deathcore acts. With that being said I guess it´s not a surprise that I really waited a lot for the band´s second EP which saw the daylight on May 16th.

The first thing that I noticed in the “Self-Titled” effort is the production which is far better than it was on their previous EP. It´s really clear that the band used a lot more time maturing and mixing the effort because this time the heavier parts sound really heavy and have a great edge and the softer parts actually sound softer. Another noticeable difference is the old school hardcore type of gang-vocals and shouts which really gives the album a lot more reliability and diversity. The songs also have that “in-to-your-face” attitude and each song is like a new merciless punch into the listener´s face. The overall song once again is really brutal and aggressive but the hardcore approaching has really helped the band to create more edges and variations into their songs. Vocalist Olev Ladva´s vocals once again mainly consist of death metal growling but there are also some pig squeals and hardcore shouts added into the concept to make it sound more refreshing vocal-wisely. The guitar riffs are neck-breaking and the breakdowns are really enormous leaving no one who likes listening to deathcore cold. The drumming from Sulev Ladva has progressed a lot and he really is in flames behind the drumkit while backing up the monstrous bombardment that the “Self-Titled” effort has to offer. As a highlight track I would pick “Walking Backwards” because of the hardcore attitude bringing band´s like Throwdown into my mind.

By adding the hardcore roots more into their music Burn Still has managed to take their music into the next level. The EP continues the natural progression of the band and it´s a really great follow-up to “Let The Skies Turn Black”. If you´re a fan of deathcore, I highly recommend you to check out Burn Still´s new “Self-Titled” EP. Now get your best beatdown hardcore moves from closet and join the pit!

Author: Arto Mäenpää

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