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The End's Façade

Horricane. What a ridiculous title for any band. I’m very tempted to go visit them at their house and slit their throats, writing ‘Horricane is a fucking stupid name!’ on the wall in their blood.

Or so I would be, because despite its ridiculous band name, this is a pretty fucking solid album. A lot of true metal purists won’t enjoy it much, though, because it’s industrial oriented death metal. Think Fear Factory with more balls. The nicely fabricated death assaults are supported by electronic effects, and even the riffs sound quite machine-like. Most of it is pretty much mid-paced, but this shit intends to pound the listener into submission rather than rush past unnoticed.

There’s really very little to complain about here. The vocals are somewhere between traditional death growl and thrash metal vocals, which works very well in the musical scope of the band. Although unintelligible, they pack a big fucking punch like basically all the material on here. The drums don’t concern themselves with useless fills and frills, but pound all the heavier for it. The bass is hard to hear, though, but even that suits the machine sound. Songwriting is solid and diverse, production is solid and heavy, well-balanced, and with a sound that also perfectly suits the machine drive of the music.

My only complaint is the weird sample used in the title track, which kind of slows shit down. If the sample had been really cool like in Gorefest’s “Revolt” it might’ve worked, not so much now. Luckily they make up for it with a really cool part with violins and synths that sound psychotic as hell in the next song. And so they balance out the slipups with some cool shit, and the album remains nice and solid.

It’s become a short review, but there’s little more to add. Horricane need to change their ridiculous title but not their music: Fear Factory with a pinch less sanity and a bigger sledgehammer to the nuts. If you like industrial shit in your death metal, grab this one. If you hate all things industrial, you can turn your back without missing anything.

7,5 solid machines out of 10.

Author: GardensTale
Zine: Global Domination

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