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Made in Nightonia

May 15 has been marked down to my calendar, as exactly on that date Sorts should release its new EP "Made in Nightonia". Four brand new so-called old school tracks - 1. The Wave of Fear, 2. Trumpets of Madness, 3. You Cunt, 4. Barbwire Superstar. Let's say that I have not yet received a complete record, but Gates sent me a non-official mp-3 version and for now, this material is enough for mouthwatering experience and then some. The release is exactly what I dared to hope and expect for - just enough primitive, robust, sharp, fast and furious. All in all, the purest black metal and that in its best sense. Actually it is not possible to expect shit from such an honourable and experienced company (Ank, Gates, Mantas ja Thon). :D
The only thing that surprised me a bit was that Ank is singing in English. I do not know exactly why, but I was hoping for Estonian. But at the same time there is no reason to be surprised, as the nine-year old demo “Demons On The Ride” is also in pure and true internationally recognised language. And perhaps the foreign language can also be justified in the background of the fact that the EP in question is released under the sign of yankee label Regimental Records.
I am mainly pleased about the circumstance that a primitive and raw black is now again in the picture also here in Estonia and the release will definitely become an efficient counterattack to the rebirth of Beherit - our Northern neighbours. Two newest tracks are also available for listening on the internet:
I would not dare to give this release maximum points though, as according to some sources the foursome is currently working on a full-length, and should this turn out even better than the one in question - what do I do then?! :D

Author: ZiFO

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