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Outlaw Racer

About one year after the release of their debut album ‘Dominant Force’ Nitrous from Estonia comes up with their second full-length, titled ‘Outlaw Racer’. Although racing…. It is a fact that guitar player Lauri Kuriks is a drag race champion, but the ultimate racing sound experience cannot be heard on this CD.

Nitrous plays around with two thoughts on ‘Outlaw Racer’. When you listen to these eleven tracks (thirty seven minutes of music) you will notice that the last song ‘Core (Of Molten Fire)’ is very slow, dark and gripping. This is a decent doom metal song and there is nothing wrong with this one. The other songs are not in the same vein. They are in thrash metal style or they are mid tempo tracks that sound more as heavy metal. The title track and ‘Locked In The Dyno Room’ contain some nice and heavy riffs and these ones sound a bit more interesting compared to a ‘Summons To Hephaestus’ and ‘We Ride At Dawn’. From the faster thrash orientated tracks ‘Burning Up The Pavement’ and ‘Aural Pain Threshold’ do have their moments. Also other thrashers like ‘Crash and Burn’ and ‘Black Cargo Cult’ are not bad at all, although I have to warn you about the too fanatical vocals on these two.

I have to give Nitrous some credits here. The band stayed true to their own style, although some reviewers who listened to the debut album recommended the band to put more up-tempo tracks on the albums. The lyrics are again completely in the sign of cars, the production is very decent and the performance of the songs is done good, and so ‘Outlaw Racer’ can be heard. But on the other hand I also have to say that this album will not be a classic one, therefore they miss some Nitrous.

Author: Tormentor Erich
Zine: Lords Of Metal

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