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“Koerapööriöö” is the debut album of TAAK, a six-member doom band from Talinn, Estonia. The band’s name means “heavy burden”. The titles and lyrics of the songs are all in the band’s mother tongue and it is worth mentioning that the members of the band also form the band “Dawn of Gehenna”, where the lyrics are in English.
The band calls its music “ugri-doom”. TAAK’s sound is rooted deep into the doom and heavy metal of the 70s and 80s, and the band’s most obvious influence is Black Sabbath.
In this album’s 11 tracks you will find inspired compositions, both catchy and obscure moments, old fashioned sound and production (which could be better). The album is full of heavy and inspired riffs that will certainly make you necks hurt. Doom melodies, slow and mid tempo at most times, fill the air, along with haunting keyboards which give the final result a much needed originality.
No luck with vocals though, for my taste. The singer has a good voice, loud, heavy, clear, a bit howling, but with a color and way of singing that is not suitable for the music, as I would prefer it. Sometimes the vocals remind me of Danzig, both in color and way of performing. It sounds a bit strange in my ears; vocals seem not to match the music. But if you like the combination, you will surely like this album. Also, for better or for worse, the vast majority of metal fans are used to listen to English lyrics and this makes any other language sounding weird when combined with metal music. For me, the above including the fact that I don’t understand a word of the lyrics, make me lose the emotion that the music delivers. The music is definitely good, though. Doom albums are not so many nowadays, so you should definitely give this album a try.
The album was recorded and engineered at MKDK Studios, Tallinn in late 2005/early 2006 by Heikki Tikas, mixed and mastered at Irwin Arts Studio, Tallinn in February and March, 2006 by Kaur Faltis. Produced by K. Faltis, H. Tikas and TAAK. Artwork by Piret Räni. Band logo concept by Erno Vösa. Released in April 2006.
In January 2007 the album was voted "Album of the Year" by listeners of the Estonian radio-show "Metallion" and readers of the biggest Estonian rock journal "Nailboard Magazine". In April 2008, TAAK's second album entitled "Läbi Halli Kivi" was released.

Author: Themistoklis Moysidis
Zine: Metal Invader

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