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Vere Kutse Kohustab

This fragile moment was long awaited for - Loits´ latest effort "Vere Kutse Kohustab" ("Call of the Blood Obligates") is finally out. Three years have passed since their debut album "Ei Kahetse Midagi" ("Regret Nothing") was released. So what have we got here - 12 songs clocking in at just over 50 minutes, seven of them being brand new, others are re-recorded tracks from earlier singles, a neat book-style package with a vinyl-like disc, a special multimedia treat and a sound that´s been described as flak´n´roll. what gives?

Loits are basically a black metal band, but their special feature is the rock´n´rollish sound, meaning that the songs are quite loose and easy to listen to. Pauses are used very well and cool dynamic passages are catchy and thoroughly enjoyable. Of course the basis is still black metal with its shrieks and fast drums. Also, they use clean vocals on several occasions, sometimes with distortion. A fine example here would be the track "Kodu" ("Home") which immediately brought to my mind HIM and Chris Isaac´s "I don´t wanna fall in love" chorus. If you just fell off your chair cause you thought HIM and black metal are two components that don´t mix, then take a deep breath and relax cause Loits will prove you wrong. Anyways it was just a quick association, the track is one of the best ones on the album. When it comes to black metal vocals then they are typically to Loits relatively "clean" which suits their music well.

Keyboards are used boldly, sometimes to soothe the listener and to emphasize the role of rock´n´roll, sometimes to illustrate the militaristic features. Despite of being strong, the keyboards don´t end up being trivial.
The overall feel of the album is perhaps a bit melancholic and romantic. Although the second track "Eesti Auks" ("In Honor of Estonia") is a real energizer with it´s fast pace and captivating tunes (unarguably the jolliest song on the album), the hyper-optimistic surge ends there with the rest of the songs creating a slightly darker atmosphere.

The production is good, maybe occasionally lacking sharpness a bit. It´s not actually a problem, but in "Vanade Leegionäride Laul" ("The Song of the old Legionaries") it suppresses the clean vocal interludes too much - a shame really. Apart from that the record is innovative, mature and a great listening experience which doesn´t get boring.

Loits have always been misinterpreted as a nationalist-socialistic band because of their image (Seeing their militaristic outfits often causes people to draw certain conclusions) but in reality they focus on the Estonian nation, specifically Estonians in the whirlwinds of World War 2. For example the track "Tuleristsed" ("Baptized in Fire"), which is about the first battle of battalion "Narva" against the Soviet army. The lyrics of Loits should appeal to every Estonian, foreigners might diminish the value of the album a bit due to the fact that the message is not as inspiring to them. But for those of you who are curious or hunger for knowledge, all the songs have been translated into English.

All in all, "Vere Kutse Kohustab" is yet another release that avoids stagnation and is not afraid to experiment in order to find ways of renewing black metal. Loits fired away, and with great success. The result is unique, fascinating and obligatory to try. Sit back, relax and enjoy. Or stand up and bang your head! Either way - flak´n´roll !!!

Author: destroyah
Zine: Metal Storm webzine

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