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Goremarket Mid-Prices

Second attempt from these sickos from Estonia(second murder attempt would be a better approach). Gore is the only truth here along with groovy rythms and guitar riffs right from the guts of Autopsy. Yes, you guessed it. They are splatter maniacs and you can easily tell that from their song titles as well as their songs themselves. "Ghosts from the toilet"? hell yeah, bring it on!!

The band's intention is creating "funky"(!?), mosh music to which you can slam, bang your head and have a damn good time. And they manage quite good through the first 6 or 7 songs(out of a total of 17) one could say. Although the small durations the whole thing thing becomes quite tiring after some first attempts, just because the band wants to make "funny' songs. I do understand their attitude but it's a pity for the album to become less lethal cause of some comedian moments. Other than that the guitar work is great, the drumming as well as the sound is better than expected and the guy behind the mic is well aware of his abilities.

And, fuck yeah, you can easily get hooked up by the grooves. Brutal grinding attitude along with humour is everywhere. Catchy tunes and bloodred art, these fellas are doing quite well although they could even more. The comic like splattered artwork gives an extra point. Nice touch!


Author: Giannis Nakos
Zine: Metal Invaider

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