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The Spectre of Ballantre

Well I must confess that I don’t come across too many bands from Estonia, which is where Empyros hail from. This is the debut album from this band who, having been around since 2002, have had their fair share of problems with band members leaving and new ones replacing, which is why this album has taken so long to produce. This self-produced, self-released effort is a little rough around the edges which can only be expected from a band on a budget, although what we have here is a perfectly listenable release.

Kicking off with the title track, I can instantly see some promise in this Estonian horde as my ears are met with an uncomplicated assault of pure thrash, although as the music trundles along it soon veers towards power metal territory. Searching my mind for suitable comparisons, I’m drawn to liken them to some of the speed oriented bands of the genre such as your Cages and Wizards, with the guitars carrying that swift chugga-chuggery one might associate with Iron Savior while being twinned with equally speedy fretwork. The vocals are delivered with a hoarseness that is pleasing to the ears and charged with just enough power, without sounding over the top in the cheese department.

This album incorporates it’s thrash, speed and power metal influences in fairly equal measures, and for this reason I can see Empyros appealing to fans of all three genres. With tracks clocking in around the 4-5 minute mark, they are set at just the right length to ensure the listener doesn’t lose interest; there’s no five minute guitar solos to be found here, just eight solid metal tracks that get the head into a comfortable banging motion. Bring on the next album.

Author: Luci Herbert
Zine: MTUK Metal Zine

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