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The Spectre of Ballantre

EMPYROS is a young and fresh power/heavy metal band from... Estonia! Wow, propably I have never heard any band from this country, but now I've got a good occassion to do that. First of all, when I heard EMPYROS for first time I was really impressed. I would never think that in Estonia might be such good power/heavy metal band. My positive thoughts are a result of listening to EMPYROS demo. These eight songs are good example of being young, creative with loads of ideas.

EMPYROS might be a great band in Estonia but not at all maybe in whole Eastern Europe. Time will show. Nowadays EMPYROS is a band of four young and really beloved to metal man. Four guys in oldschool line-up mixed their all fascinations and tried to play all that they love to. Result of their work is as I said power/heavy metal (mostly power), familliar to German heavy metal scene with a Swedish power touch. I think that comparision to other heavy/power metal bands is unnecessary. Even if they are playing with a specific way and maybe more simillar to other band it is not worth to mention. EMPYROS is a band from which is still looking for their music direction and for now and today their searches are quite awesome.

Just to mention really impressing and flashy guitar work of Alekso and Roman. These two play really chugging and melodic riffs, mostly in a fast paced rhytmics. The highlight point of the whole album is solo riffage of guitarists. Cathy melodic, full of heavy metal spirit and technique ish solo parts are simply very good. By the way. One of the guitar players (and also main vocalist) is called Alekso - I dont know how... but not only his name is simillar to Alexi Laiho. Also his low-mid high pitched vocals are remind me Alexi Laiho. I could say that Alekso from EMPYROS is a heavy metal version of Alexi Laiho. Maybe it is some kind of recommendation, but unfortunately it also might be negative. Decision how Alekso sing - good or bad belongs to you - listeners.

Production of the demo album is quite good. Band has recorded their material in their own (am I right?) studio. So the sound of this material is exacly like band want to and expected. Maybe in future other bands can record their stuff in EMPYROS record studio. Who knows.
Unfortunately there is an disadvantage. EMPYROS shall change their graphic/art work designer cause logo and whole layout of the cd is terrible. Try out to change it - I quess next time it might be lot better than now.

Rate? Strong eight I think.

Author: Chain
Zine: Metal Centre

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