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Must album

Must Album is the Estonian pagan black metallers’ first release since Vere Kutse Kohustab, which is said to be the biggest selling CD of its label Ledo Takas. With this album Loits have gained a good amount of recognition, taking home the rock album of 2007 from Radio Mania and performing at the 2008 Estonian Music Awards (video clips of this event are available at YouTube at the time of this writing). In case you were wondering, Must Album translated means Black Album; in traditional black metal fashion, according to their MySpace bio “is a gift of remembrance to those departed, serving also as a reminder to all that injustice never dies.” To understand more deeply what the band mean by this, you’ll have to do some research on Estonian history. The album is a solid collection of black metal songs with some similarities to old Enslaved and the Mayhem of the late 90s and lyrics recited in their native language. Just a couple examples of the appeal of this recording: “Emaraud” puts the band’s message across on several levels while “Kiri Kaevikust” combines Burzum-esque guitar progressions with a dreamlike keyboard sound and somber spoken word verses

Author: Dave Wolff

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