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Must Missa
Martyr Of Wrath

I already reviewed many years ago some old material released by this Estonian act and what I get here to listen to is their new and third full-length (which is their second collaboration with Nailboard Records). «Martyr Of Wrath» is thus Must Missa’s third album and it’s old school thrash metal all the way. Bits of Celtic Frost (one of their first influence) and a big nod towards the German mid-eighties thrash metal scene (Destruction, Sodom, Exumer or Living Death) coupled with some touches of old Slayer make this «Martyr Of Wrath» a worth while one to check out if you’re still into this kind of retro thrash music. Although Must Missa musical world is hardly innovative (or even original), you can’t deny the real thrash passion that the band possess. On the vocal department, Must Missa singers (if I’m right all the band’s members are in charge of a part of the vocals) have managed throughout the eight songs of the album to keep the same aggressive vibe in their voice that worked so well many years ago on albums such «Infernal Overkill» or «Infernal Devastation». Nothing groundbreaking here but I’m pretty convinced all the nowadays listeners of the above mentioned acts shall praise this «Martyr Of Wrath».

Author: Georges
Zine: Pull The Chain

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