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Must album

Loits, if any of you do not know, is the herald of Estonian metal, with the colour of the banner being black and the status quo driven to militant. And no, this isn’t any typical central / eastern European folk black metal but harshly rocking music with very personal growling vocals, twisted guitar melodies and flak gun like heavy drumming. There are also some keyboards for Estonian native feel... and in this case, the use of those doesn?t bother me at all, or to be honest, they quite surprised me during the first listen, but alas, they did embed themselvesvery nicely straight on the second time leafing through „Must Album“.

And when put to the Loits discography, I must say that „Must Album“ may not climb all the way to the top, as the previous albums by this Estonian band made such a strong impression on me that this album would’ve demanded a few more classic tracks to be as fierce as „Vere Kutse Kohustab“ or „Ei Kahetse Midagi“. However, the song „Suudelda Neidu“ is singlehandedly the best track by this band this far, with very obscure combinations in the guitar work and keyboard effects, without forgetting the lyrics, that for the better have now been translated into English as well.

Still, there’s something missing compared to the times I listened the Previous albums. On both past CDs, the impact was just greater than on „Must Album“, but with this comtemplation I started to doubt that I merely start to know my Loits and can concentrate on digging the stuff in the stead of just sitting with my mouth open listening to the new feel an album can bring. So take your conclusions where you wish, the result is that I find myself listening to this over and over again,without bore.

Loits still manages to stand its ground as one of the more innovative and Fresh bands in the scene 2007. On top of this unyielding battle attitude, the Packaging and graphics are both top-notch, especially if you get your hands on the boxed set with the cards and the likes... One of the most decent releases visually in the past years!

Author: Cruciatus
Zine: Perverse Gospel

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