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Must Missa
Martyr Of Wrath

There is no deeper meaning or overarching concept; Must Missa exist purely to perform strongly retro-minded thrash, an entity that has escaped the coming of the new century. You just know that this band performs with armbands and bullet belts in tow on stage.
Apparently, they started out as a Celtic Frost influenced black metal band, but all traces of blackness were lost by the time this was recorded, although several riffs do possess a Frosted touch. But that's by the by -- thrash anthems such as "Here to Destroy" are catchier than Ebola and no less brutal. Some parts with shouted backing vocals are perhaps a bit too hardcore, but it works in upping the aggression quotient. For a change, the vocals are in English (quite good as well; no painfully broken sentence constructions). I suspect that Must Missa would be the first to admit that their originality gauge is running on empty, but damn, they are a lot of fun -- and as they proclaim, "This isn't fucking Sunday school!"

Author: Quentin Kalis
Zine: Chronicles of Chaos

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