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Perverse Dark Somnolence

Brutalists from Estonia's “Nihilistykrypt” are no newcomers, nevertheless they must be quite unknown for the heavy metal fans of Lithuania. Well perhaps the only exception is the guitarist and the author of the music – Uziel, who’s been over here a couple of times along with the another brutal metal band “Catafalc” as a bass-player. This is rather common – a few years ago I found out that the rule in the Estonian metal scene is “three musicians – five bands”.

A few of words about “Nihilistikrypt”. The massive brutal death metal, played by the four is close to the sound of bands like “Aborted”, “Kataklysm” and CC. There’s only one low-tuned (as in “Nile”) guitar, so almost no solos or melodies are present in the music of these Estonians.

So in my mailbox I found the freshest opus by these “nihilists” – promo (or perhaps a mini) album with an unpromising name “Perverse dark somnolence”. I have to warn you – gore themes in music is not what I appreciate. I simply don't think it’s some special art. That’s why the lyrics of “Nihilistikrypt”, such as „scattered bones and guts/ carnal taste in my mouth/ the evil aliens/ they ate my mom“, seem neither scaring, nor dark. They only make me smile. Perhaps that’s their aim – to entertain the listener. But for me personally this hasn’t much to do with the very idea of the metal.

Despite all those displeasing brutal death metal clichés, the musical part of this band is really something worth mentioning. No blast-beat overdose, quite a lot of capturing riffs, so called “breakdowns”, which creates the groove in the music and makes you swing the head according to the rhythms.

The opus lasts only 13 minutes – not too much to get you bored, but perhaps too short to sincerely get to like it...

Author: Dellamorte
Zine: Giljotina

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