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Goremarket Mid-Prices

Goresoerd - “Goremarket Mid-Prices”
Nailboard Records

Estonia’s Goresoerd deliver 16 short tracks of chunky, blasting, groovy grindcore with a tongue in check delivery that should appeal to fans of Blood Duster and a lot of the Obscene Productions stuff.

Though hardly a groundbreaking record, the usual mix of short, sharp punky blasts (“For Idiots All Over the World”, “Circle of Masturbators”, “Goremarket Mid-Prices”) and crumbling grooves (“Have a Nice Fucking Day”, “Dig the Romance”, “Dämneission”, “B.O.M Fuckers”) littered with high pitched screams an cavernous bellows is well done. Then the humor is by way of lyrical themes and over the top rock parodies by way of the surprisingly catchy “Dig the Romance”, “Give Me Some Shit”, “Pop Rock Cowboy” and “Three of Us” that show the band is out to have fun rather than repulse you. The guitar tone is crunchy and thick-sort of cementing the bands reliance on the genre’s core sound and delivery despite the humorous injections. That being said, the album isn’t littered with obscure horror movie samples or tons of forced humorous samples and sound FX.

Still though, Goremarket Mid-Prices isn’t likely to make much of a splash despite being an enjoyable, listenable foray into mid tier Gore grind with a sense of humor, ias t’s a pretty niche album, that will definitely satiate fans of newer Blood Duster.

Author: Erik Thomas

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