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Hallutsinatsioon - is first full-length Estonian band, Bestia, album. We received promo version of the album and it still looks good. Nonetheless that promo is put to the paper cover, there were professionally printed bifoliate. For those who didn’t know anything about this band: they are playing 4 years, there were turnover and the bands line-up changed several times, but the head of the band left. Bestia recorded demo in 2001 and promo in 2002/2003. Of course these three records differs from the last product. Regrettably but this group didn’t play in Lithuania. But who knows… And now about their new record:

Hallutsinatsioon first of all means hallucination or illusion. Band plays aggressive music. When you are listening to this album for the first time there is impression that band put songs from various date. But later everything goes to their places. Maybe that is an effect of hallucination?

Album starts from titular song “Hallutsinatsioon". What we hear is guitars, grim vocals, light keyboard in context, drums isn’t very strong. More like melodic black metal. A little bit sounds like other Estonian band Must Missa from their album “Ma ei talu valgust”. Maybe “Hallutsinatsioon" is more melodic. Those who are interested in Estonian underground, if not mistaking, could hear this piece in ESTEMETAL compilation distributed by internet.

Then goes “Viirastus tõusvas tules". The same melodic music, a little bit stronger and there goes mix with death. Sounds more brutal and more angry.

With the roar of wolf begins "Libahunt". Music more and more goes to death. This song sounds very different from "Hallutsinatsioon". There are more death vocals, although it isn’t growling. Of course it isn’t brutal death, but more in that way than to the black.

"Sosin” - one of the best songs of this album. If there were no obsessive bells (?) in the beginning. Album starts with melodic intro. And then Black Metal! It isn’t that we call true, but it’s good. Interesting part composition. Song slows than quickens, but it doesn’t bother. Vocal sounds like Burzum in early records...

"Kord vabana tuleme tagasi" follows after "Sosin". Sounds not bad, good mix of melodic and brutal metal. Skipped a few songs we hear "Kolmas haud vasakult". Interesting intro (someone at the night exhumes grave by spade), if I’m not mistaking this intro is taken from earlier Bestia song. Music something between black metal and trash metal. Interesting conjunction.

There is an ambient song in this album “Ruunide leidmine", it gives more ideas to the album.

"Suremise teine tee" – is next-to-last song in the album. Again we feel strong excess of death metal. Return to other style. This song was in earlier promo.

Why "Asynchronous Laughter" is in this album - is a secret. Following, Vader mini CD “Kingdom” with their remixes was a secret too. And this work (good that it is only 49 seconds length) have nothing in common with metal. It’s short drum’n’bass loop. Let’s say that it didn’t corrupt whole album. Lyrics – its separate talk. Texts of songs various from sophisticated mizantropic contemplation till bit primitive texts about beloved under the ground.

In summary: I don’t know what exactly say – first of all that album would like people who loves melodic black metal and black/death music. Also this Bestia album, despite it’s inequality sounds really good. Not everyday you can hear music of that tendency, which isn’t primitive black metal with the texts about devils cult. Good album. I offer to look for that "Hallutsinatsioon".

Author: Doom Maker
Zine: Giljotina black/death metal club

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