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Iidsetel sünkjatel radadel

Not sure why they have switched on the previous album to English written lyrics and now on this fourth release backward to its original form, Estonian language! I guess that they weren’t satisfied with how they sounded on the previous album „Primeval Force“ and what the hell nowadays there isn’t a real necessity to sing in English like on the old Metal days! What we are faceing here is a Pagan Black Metal band that layers influences from Thrash, Doom, and even Heavy Metal into their Pagan music. Beware all Folk pagan lovers... on „Iidsetel Sünkjatel Radadel“ (On dark ancient paths) you will not find any single note played using any kind of folk instuments. This is pure Metal where they use riffs and song structures and even their mother tongue to give that Pagan rough edge that nowadays is accomplished by the use of all sorts of „unusual“ instruments. Truthfully I think that Tharaphita are an underrated band simply because they come from a country like Estonia, I mean how many bands are releasing pagan metal albums like this one? Aren’t we all tried of flourish type of bands? This is straight forward enthusiastic metal with an enormous rough edge in their compositions, a good clear (yet raw) productions and influenced by the right bands like Bathory, Enslaved, Gorgoroth, Iron Maiden or Celtic Frost. The beauty of this fourth opus lays on constant powerful riffing from the duo Ank and Benton intermingled with nice but still aggressive melodic guitar lines and a harsh with a grim edge vocals. Simple as that! No flutes, no bagpipes, no accordion, no... haaa wait there is just a very small dose of keyboards to push you into the right (hey, hey, hey) mood and a nice acoustic guitar as opener! This is with no doubts one of the best Estonian bands coming your way, an extra half point just for sticking true to the metal roots!

Author: Nuno Santos
Zine: Ancient Ceremonies Magazine

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