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Laulud, mis raiutud kivisse

MALEVA’s debut EP „Laulud, Mis Raiutud Kivisse“ is a little, hm, schizophrenic. Musical schizophrenia, is he completely off his rocker now, you ask? By no means, because out of the three tracks contained on this EP, the Estonians have the first and last track that fit together and then, well, the second one that sounds quite different and coincidentally exactly that song had been my first contact with the Muhumaa-based band.

Founded as IMP in 2001 (back then still playing Thrash) the band renamed itself to MALEVA in 2006 and “Laulud, Mis Raiutud Kivisse” is their first sign of life, labeled as Pagan/Folk Metal and they definitely do not sound like a whole legion of other bands out there yet. “Vabaduse Hind”, the opener, as well as closing “Me Tuleme Taas” both feature the vocals of front lady Trinity, which are not bad, but all in all not necessarily the most expressive and powerful voice, even though I must admit that it has its appeal in the context of the Pagan Metallic music. The music itself, well, I already said it, is Pagan Metal based, but operates on a slightly lower heaviness level, with said female vocals and at times almost progressive touches, which at first put me off a little, but in the end set the band apart from most other bands in this field, which is a plus.

And then there is “Ristide Ori”, which is a great Pagan Metal song in its purest form, with galloping double-bass, great drive, guitarist Skullhed’s gruff voice (no growls, just a rough voice) and great melodies, almost completely different than the other two and clearly my favourite, overshadowing the two remaining songs, even though they are anything but bad either.

That the sound is a little muddy is negligible, as it a) is an independent production and b) does not detract from the quality of the song material, MALEVA definitely are a hopeful act and if they could deliver more pagan hammers such as “Ristide Ori”, they could be the next big thing coming out of Estonia!

Zine: The Metal Observer

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