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Burn Still
Let The Skies Turn Black

More young bucks out to impress, and with Metalcore being the vehicle, they had better be firing on all cylinders to raise any interest from me. Having listened to “Let The Skies Turn Black” it would be churlish of me to give this EP anything other than a positive thumbs up.

Mixing Death Metal and Hardcore with a liberal dose of the melodic, this lot manage to make it sound invigorated and fresh, essential when there is so much competition. BURN STILL succeed because they keep it heavy and pacy, they avoid the lure of the MTV generation and so deliver up the goods with genuine gusto. Their youth shines through, which isn't a criticism, and so the sense of them enjoying the experience registers too, that said, there is maturity in the composition and an ability to create drama.

Opening with a whiff of portent “Black Wings” flys off with spiralling melody and though it soon belabours itself in breakdown territory, the lift of the motif maintains the momentum, there is a lick of wind that prevents the song sounding sterile and there is a rousing riff midway to give air to the proceedings. This loose template repeats itself throughout but in a different guise each time to ensure distinction. BURN STILL know how to mark the moment and so changes in pace and intensity paint the picture, there is a hint of menace at play when the lead runs aren't prevailing but this music remains accessible without resorting to crowd pleasing.

The biggest thumbs up is for the band keeping with the rough and ready gruff vocals throughout, no clean singing and no heartfelt twittering is to be found anywhere on the record, it's strictly business with your growling and your snarls. Without losing gravity, the band have conjured up some rabble-rousing shoutalongs, the live setting potential of these songs is plain to see. There are times when I feel an anthem coming on but the tracks aren't long enough for it to develop, not a problem, there's a different spark at play.

BURN STILL are immediately likeable, despite sailing crowded seas, they have the cut of the jib and the energy to keep ahead of the pack. Definitely ones to watch.

Author: Mac
Zine: The Metal Observer

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