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Terast mis hangund me hinge

Music has always been a way for people to tell stories or pass on folklore from generation to generation. Of course it is also very prominent in heavy metal as well. Many bands use Myths or Folklore from there respective countries as a bases for there lyrical expression of there music. But not alot of bands use folk instruments to drive home the idea either. Metsatoll started playing together at the end of the 90's playing heavy metal with ancient Estonian folklore as inspiration as well as the music. Incorrporating mandilions, bag pipes, and utilizing musical scales/vocal harmonies that are right out of the dark ages of mankind. Terast mis hangund me hinge (which means-Steel frozen in our souls), is a record that goes back to the very essence of what art in music truly is. Heavy metal guitars, drums, and vocals that run the spectrum from Slayer to Iron Maiden. Of course I have no idea what these songs are about lyrically, despite that fact, musically this record draws influences from virtually ever culture you can imagine. From Celtic Influences, right down to Native American vocal scales, this record solidifies through music who we are all really linked together. Recommended!

Author: Rick Hawkins

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