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These Broken Remains
No Forever After

These Broken Remains is an Estonian metalcore band which was formed by two friends in 2005. At first the band only contained two guitarists and a drummer jamming but in the end of 2005 they founded a permanent vocalist and bassist. The group took the name These Broken Remains and started rehearsing their own material. Already in August 2007 the group unleashed their very first EP titled “No Forever After” which consists of six tracks.

The opening track on the effort is titled “Enola Gay” and it´s an intro that leads into the first attack titled “It Doesn´t Take A Mastermind To Spraypaint A Ceiling”. The song is a combination of punk, hardcore and metal so partly there is post-hardcore type of screaming vocals combined to punk background and the rest is like a mixture of death metal growls and hardcore. Vocalist Mihkel has really diverse and hardcoreish voice which fits nicely into the screaming parts. The clean vocals on tracks like “Fears To Devour” and “200 Tons Of Patience” clearly show that the band isn´t as it´s best on the softer parts and the heavier more scream-based hardcore bursts fit more well into the group´s style. The fifth track “Empire Of Lies” which is my favorite on the effort offers a furious punch into the listener´s face. The screams on the track are really enjoyable and the guitar riffs played by Mattias and Kristian really effective and hooky. The last track on “No Forever After” is titled “Chlorine For Our Gene Pool” and it´s really tight ending to the EP. The song contains few nice little breakdowns and nice drumming from the drummer Rainer.

Overall I must say that “No Forever After” even though it doesn´t really offer anything special isn´t a bad release at all. The basic ingredients work really nicely but there are some certain parts I would focus more in the future. The clean vocals partly sound really poor and there could be more depth in the growls as well. Playing wisely everything seems to be okay but try still to focus on more original sound for your next EP because the world is full of post-hardcore / metalcore bands playing exactly the same kind of material you are at the moment.

Author: Arto Mäenpää
Zine: HardcoreSounds

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