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Must album

Talking about the genuine originality in black metal, Loits is a name worth to be mentioned. Two of their latest albums, Ei kahetse midagi and Vere kutse kohustab are a good examples of something that still gives cold shivers to the listener's spine, no matter how many great black metal records you have heard during your life.

"Must album" ("The Black Album") is truly something different from this classy Estonian metal patrol. Their music has previously been a mid-tempo black metal with a rocking touch, spiced up by some keyboards and folkish melodies, but with "Must album" the band shows its mellow side. Their music might be softer than before, but it's also filled with lots of dynamics. From the haunting and eerie atmospheres to grinding, Khold/Tulus-alike coldness, they bring forth some of the most original music ever heard in the field of heavy metal.

Difficult, that's the word to describe what "Must album" is. Loits' musical borderlines are stretching more than ever, but without challenging yourself, you can't make an art that deserves to be heard, right? If "Vere kutse kohustab" was a display of the band's aggressive side, "Must album" is the other side of the very same coin. It looks different but it still holds its value.

Author: Joni Juutilainen
Zine: Imhotep Magazine

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