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Must Missa
Martyr Of Wrath

This is not a double release or anything like that, but the second and third full-length albums by Estonian band Must Missa. I just wanted to review them together, since stylistically the albums are so close to each other that there wasn’t any need to make two separate reviews.

I would like to start by saying that Must Missa are definitely one of the best – if not the best – metal bands I have heard in years. They play aggressive old-school metal, which takes influence especially from old Celtic Frost and Slayer. The blackened and dirty atmosphere as well as some of the riffs are taken from Celtic Frost whereas the fast thrash metal drumming and precision comes from Slayer. So there’s not much originality here, but I couldn’t care less.

I am going to say something blasphemous here, so be ready. I honestly think that even the lesser tracks on these two albums are equally good or even better than the stuff on “Morbid Tales “ by Celtic Frost. Somehow Must Missa has managed to do everything right. The riffs are phenomenally good, the songs are tightly played, extremely well built and what’s more important catchy as hell. And even though the production on these both albums is pretty good and sharp, it also has the necessary rawness in it. The atmosphere is adequately black and evil and you can really smell all the leather and spikes the band must be wearing.

Yes yes, the world is full of these thrash/black bands already, but Must Missa sounds so natural. The songs are fast, but there’s plenty of variation and the groove is magnificent. No modern shit, but just old-school riffs and attitude, that reeks of hate and energy. And this opinion comes from someone who has really listened these albums over and over again, so this is no short-term relationship. Must Missa is so fucking good, that if you don’t like them, you just aren’t metal. It’s that simple.

Author: Kari Koskinen
Zine: Imhotep Magazine

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