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Must Missa
Martyr Of Wrath

Must Missa; that brings memories back to me, as their “Sex Beyond The Grave” was one of my first reviews for Vampire Magazine, almost five years ago. Five years can change a lot, as these Estonian retro thrashers prove with “Martyr of Wrath”. Back then it sounded very low budget, and much more black metal from the basement. But hey, that was a demo!

Throughout the years the band has learned to play tighter, a thing which already became clear on their 2005 album “The Target of Hate”, a line which has been carried on at this “Martyr of Wrath”. I don’t think that it is a coincidence that the covers of both albums are rather similar…
Well, if you like Aura Noir, Gehenna and of course Celtic Frost and Slayer on their first two albums, here’s your pick! It seems like the Celtic Frost influenced has gained a bit on this “Martyr of Wrath”, just listen to ‘Blackened Thrasher Hordes’. Speaking of that song; perhaps it is a nice song to make a quiz out of the lyrics of this song: guess which legendary titles are mentioned in the lyrics. There is one I can give away, ‘Emperor’s Return’!

So what if it has all been done before? This is retro-thrash or nekro-thrash, and what matters there is the attitude… Well, Must Missa has got the right attitude, so grab your alcohol, the bullet belts, the spikes and yell along. The skills of the band have grown once more, which is also seen in the strength of the compositions. Oh, and can someone please get this band over to Europe? I see they have some cute female dancers on stage: alcohol, thrash, chicks and here and there some Tom G. Warrior-like ‘oeh’-screams… That is all which matters in this style and Must Missa understand that very well. "Martyr of Wrath" is a must-(missa)-have for nekro-thrashers!

Author: Neithan
Zine: Vampire Magazine

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