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Dominant Force

Drag racing champion Lauri Kuriks decided to form a band in 2004 and even in his musical creations he couldn’t resist to involve his passion for cars. So which type of music is fast, raging, and powerful? Yes, you guessed it: Thrash metal indeed! No wonder, Nitrous calls themselves ‘drag race thrash metal’. Two years after their first full-length, “Dominant Force”, was a fact.

As you see everything is possible in the big world of metal. In this case we have some race freaks that made the band name, the artwork, and even the lyrics all fit a car and race theme. I think it’s a bit to far fetched. When you look at the cover you really don’t see this is thrash metal, or even a metal album. It’s just… a simple car, yeah.
But of course it’s the music that matters! The first thing you notice is the thick guitar sound, juicy but rough. The album starts good with “Torque Monster”. It has a cool groove, but it gets boring after a while, because that same groove keeps returning. Next song, “Activation”, is more up tempo. A comparison with Slayer doesn’t harm here. With Araya like vocals, a brutal thrash riff, and a wacko solo.
I’m a lot less enthusiastic about “Pro Mod Action”. It has one of the weirdest thrash riffs I ever heard; also here I got bored after a while. The title track and “Trial And Error”, are a bit of an exception against the other songs. From time to time death metal vocals take over the lead, which let the songs gain in brutality in no time.

What I heard was a nice piece of tight thrash metal to bang your head off, but every single time the tempo goes down I got bored very quickly. So Nitrous, keep the pedal to the metal!

Author: Dieter de Mey
Zine: Vampire Magazine

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