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Terast mis hangund me hinge 10218

Metsatöll and this album is very known in their homeland Estonia, but hardly abroad. In that way it will not disturb anybody that this album has been released throughout the year in various versions and mixes, and now, in 2007, a double gatefold vinyl album will come out on Nailboard Records.

How to describe Metsatöll on this album? Well, think of Manowar meeting the numerous folk metal bands, with a lot of authentic instruments such as flute, the jewish harp and stump drums. The numbers are all pretty much in the same vein, which makes the album a bit boring when hearing it many times. Especially the vocals become a bit flat, but do remember that the basis of these songs is from 1999 (western calendar), which is like 8 years ago.
The ‘heya-factor’ of this music is very high, which might bring up a smile on your face: don’t be sorry about that, as the guys from Metsatöll show they have an ironic sense of humor themselves as well. In a way it can be felt through the veins of the music that Estonia is next to Finland, and actually a part of Northern Europe, and not (!) Eastern Europe.: Metsatöll has a kind of Lapland-feeling in it, to put it like that, just without the ‘joik’ factor (a kind of Lapland yodeling).

In all honesty, I don’t think that this album will catch a lot of foreign attention: something the band understand as well, as there will come out only 500 limited vinyl versions of this album in 2007, together with their other album “Hiiekoda”. The music is pretty simple, and should they really want to catch some international acclaim, I think there must come some more versatility within both music and the vocals. Perhaps those who like Finntroll, Skyforger and power metal and want their music not too complicated should check out the band someday. Regarding this album, I would have loved to hear more recent material, although this one…

Author: Neithan
Zine: Vampire Magazine

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