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Must album

Estonian metal band LOITS is considered to be one of the leading metal bands in their home country. They've been around since mid-nineties and "Must Album" is their third full-length album.
Big in Estonia… Big in Japan? To be honest, I don't think so. Big in Europe? Yes, why not?
Because LOITS is a good band; a hard-hitting combo with lots of great guitar sound and groovy black metal oriented riffs and well thought out songs.

"Must album" doesn't have a lot in common with Norwegian legends Enslaved musically, but I think I can sense some of the same attitude. Like Enslaved the Estonians seems to give a damn about what's popular right now and puts all their effort in creating their own expression and musical vision, which is mysterious, a bit gloomy and dark…
And yes, in some parts the black metal influences are obvious, but LOITS does not dwell long with riffs and rhythms dully done by so many bands already, before they deliver something that's far more refreshing and closer to a creative core that's undoubtedly are their own.
And a vital part of that creative core is the vocals which is expression in their own language, which sounds like Finish to most of us…

There are a lot of interesting and fascinating things going on in all nine songs on this album.
"Must Album" is a dynamic album with many layers of musical expression and brilliant surprises.
And for many listeners it will certainly take some time to grasp all details in these fine songs.
My advice is to allow yourself to let the album grow on you and I'm sure you'll enjoy it a lot more and not to forget longer than many of the other metal albums you've been listening to so far this year.

Author: AJ Blisten
Zine: Beat The Blizzard

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