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Pop quiz: Where is Estonia? Stumped? So was I until I heard the debut album from this outstanding doom outfit and was compelled to look up the exact location of the band’s home country. Along with Tharaphita and numerous other bands of varying genres, Taak seems to be part of a nationwide movement to usurp Sweden’s position on the throne for the “Next Big Thing in Heavy Music.”

The nearly unpronounceable Koerapööriöö ("the night the dogs turn" in the band’s native language) kicks off with the unadulterated riff fest of “Korjusepäev” and continues to bring the heavy until the last notes of the album closer “Poeg on Pätt.” Sandwiched between these two powerful, catchy (and powerfully catchy!) compositions are nine other equally groove laden, Sabbath worshipping numbers. Speaking of Sabbath, both guitarists Kaido “Tsunami” Tiits and Urmas Jõgi seem to be bound to the metal gods’ legendary axeman Tony Iommi at the fingers, echoing not only his simple but effective riffing style, but also his deft fretwork in the numerous solos throughout the album.

If it seems like “riff” has been used to the point of repetition in this review, then one need only to hear the glorious melodies in tracks like “Tähist ja Tolmust” to fully appreciate the power of the almighty riff (last time) coupled with mid-paced double bass drumming and faint but perfectly harmonic keyboard work. Koerapööriöö is easily the best doom album of last year. Doom heads: bask in the glory of the best band you’ve never heard of.

Author: Greg Majewski
Zine: Crave Magazine

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